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NMP Solvent Extraction Technology

We have developed our own technology by continuous research & development. Re-refining of used lube oil is an economically attractive recycling method in terms of resources conservation and environment protection when can be done with help of NMP extraction system. Lube extraction is carried out to remove poly aromatic hydrocarbons from the feed stocks to improve Viscosity Index, Color, Oxidation Stability through the action of NMP solvent. Oil and extract stripping, to allow recovery of the last fractions of NMP from both the oils and extract. Solvent Purification by Flash and Dehydration of solvent through distillation. The Feed Oil is fed at the bottom of the extraction column, while the NMP– Solvent mixture is fed to the top of the extraction column. Addition of 20-30% co-solvent along with minimum or no water addition can result in 2-3 wt.% raffinate yields without compromising the raffinate quality.

Features of our NMP solvent Extraction

  • Superseding phenol- furfural lube refining
  • High solvent power, lower solvent-to-feed ratio required
  • Low temperature & energy efficient operation.
  • Use of water gives higher raffinate yields
  • Quick phase separation and fast settling lead to increased throughput and smaller new units for a given size of the plant
  • Lower operating cost
  • Energy saving by more than 40%
  • Our Study for NMP with other solvent.

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