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Steam Distillation

Steam DistillationThe steam distillation is specially designed for temperature sensitive materials. Some organic compounds have very low melting point thus distillation of them through simple process would not be a good idea. Thus for detailing such compounds, steam distillation system is invented. Normally the liquid boils when its vapor pressure becomes equal to the external pressure. This type of method is specially designed for temperature sensitive materials. As some types of separation process can’t be achieved through normal distillation hence a steam is incorporated into the system to appreciable the deterioration of the material. If material is even sensitive to heat in that case this technology is mixed with the vacuum distillation to achieve the desired result. The working of this method wholly depends on the fact that mixed substance has more than one substance in it and all of them have different boiling points, therefore when they are heated, they leave the next which has normally high boiling point. The principle of steam distillation is extremely simple. It says that two different types of elements have always diverse boiling points and this can be easily separated out when comes in the cycle of distillation procedure. In the manufacturing of oil industries, steam is directly passed to the plants which contain desirable oil quantities. The steam distillation apparatus is prepared very carefully so that nothing impure can be left out. Rufouz Hitek Engineers Pvt. Ltd. are the major manufacturer as well as the dealer of the steam distillation column. Our made designs are suitable for carrying out effective distillation operations.

Steam Distillation Have Some Features Like:

  • Better Output Quality
  • Cost Effective
  • Simple But Successful Technique
  • Less Maintenance
  • Less Time
  • Less Consumption Of Energy

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